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About Becky Wible Searles

I'm currently a professor of animation at SCAD Atlanta and started the stop motion program in SCAD Savannah in 1999 after owning a production business, One Eighty One Productions, Inc. in New York City for 14 years. You can search YouTube for Becky Wible Searles and see my company animation reel. I met fellow Buckeye, Jimmy Searles, in Savannah, (we are both originally from Ohio) and had the good sense to marry him. In 2006 we took off on a grand adventure to Tucson and Albuquerque for what we called our "three year honeymoon with jobs", living out various cowboy and Georgia O'Keefe fantasies. The honeymoon now continues in Atlanta (a much cooler place than we thought it would be) and we launched PiktoGlyph LLC in 2012 as a home for our collaborative and solo projects.

Welcome to our site in progress!

We are very excited to launch our new website, showcasing our “words and pictures” projects, including mixed-media fine art, design, writing, and film/animation. Stay tuned! (Image above is a detail of “Memory of Decay”, photo by Jimmy Searles with photo transfer print on fabric, hand-painting, and design by Becky Wible Searles)

In the meantime, we are continuing production with our partner, Calvin Alexander Ramsey, on our documentary with animation, “The Green Book Chronicles: Connecting with Victor Green’s Travel Guides for African Americans 1936-64”. Visit us there at


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